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Monday, May 09, 2011

Eastern Intoxication Days 4 and 5: Québec Respec

After the show at Le Trash in St. Hyacinthe
Ball Hockey with Eternal Judgment
Bonjour Mozambique. Before we left St. Hyacinthe we had a great hockey game with Eternal Judgment to get the score settled. Plus we needed a confidence boost after being dominated and emasculated by a bunch of French dudes in baseball the day before. After beating them 20-16 we all had a huge BeerBQ in the park and then we hit the road for Bar Octobre in Quebec City to play with Warnatic. The show wasn’t too well attended but I didn’t feel I could complain. Even though the show wasn’t huge, we were still a bunch of wild Torontonians let loose in Quebec City and nothing sucks about that. We also took advantage of the situation to work on some new ideas and take a few chances with our live show. We also sharpened some cover tunes by Deep purple, Black Sabbath and Kool and the Gang.

A shot from Eternal Judgment's killer set

BeerBQ near the hockey rink in St. Jean Baptiste
The promoter of the Quebec show lives at his parent’s motel just a bit west of the city and let us get a room for $40. So we took a room and Warnatic got another room for them and their 7 friends. If there is one thing I fucking love it’s staying in motels. There is something I enjoy about it. The fresh towels, the little soaps. I can almost forget that every surface in the room at some point has probably been touched by a trucker’s penis. I’m fairly certain that if I took a black light to the room, the sheets would have been so florescent with semen that you could see it from space. The promoter was strange to say the least. He informed us that he had a Knife throwing range. And hundreds of homemade sharp metal knifes. Probably not the smartest idea for 2 drunk thrash bands. But we still all lined up and took turns throwing sharp objects at pictures of beautiful women and politicians.  He then took me on a tour of his terrifying dark floor-less basement with wooden furniture and red splatters on the walls.  There was also a small, dark, cold, concrete room with cobwebs and large rusted nails sticking out of the walls like a hell raiser movie. I immediately got a rapey vibe. Maybe I’ve seen the movie Psycho too many times. But this guy did seem like a bearded Norman Bates.

We went back to the motel rooms and had a nice motel party with Warnatic. We ended up crashing at 4 or 5, but the Warnatic dudes partied all fucking night. I know this because a few of them stumbled into our room at 10 in the morning and demanded we took a slug from their gigantic bottle of rum. I know that they just wanted us to have fun with them but I was about as interested as a homo at the playboy mansion.  I love the enthusiasm of those guys though. They seem to really be into what they are doing and they aren’t afraid to work hard and make something from nothing.

Bike riding around Quebec City
Right now we have 2 days off and we are trying to figure out what to do with ourselves before our Moncton show on Wednesday. I think I am going to go on a bike ride around Quebec and soak up some culture as I have all the cultural sophistication of a mayonnaise sandwich.

Stay safe friends,


Matt from Eternal Judgment's Chiwawa: "Taco"

Skippy hammered trying to order 100 coffees at 4am

St Hyacinthe ZOUTINE


  1. Heyy Guys !it was a great week end with all of you ! the show was Sick.
    Trigger certainly piss you off in the night
    aha and TACO is now a trash Star :)

    hope to have an other Fataly& Eternal Show commin soon :)

    Caro B

  2. What did they say about the 100 coffees? and wtf is in the poutine. looks badass