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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eastern Intoxication Days 17-19: Babesburgh and Final days in Ohio

Adam hanging on a bridge in Pittsburgh

We arrived at one of the biggest party cities on the entire tour: Pittsburgh. As soon as we got there the place was crawling with good-looking humans. On every god-forsaken corner there was a perfect 10. And every dude looked better then me. Unfortunately, this was the only night on the tour where I was really sick, so I probably had the sexual appeal of garbage juice. Although the guy with the most sex appeal in Pittsburg is Sidney Crosby, maybe all a guy needs to do is get a dopey hair cut and have a permanent confused look on your face and you will have chicks swinging from your shwanz. Either way when we got into town I felt like dog shit so I crashed in the van while the rest of the dudes went off and had crazy adventures.  Adam and Eytan went for a bike ride around the city and Ego and Suarez got their faces pierced. The whole while I was curled in a ball with a fucked up fever. We still did the gig and had some fun onstage. We signed some CDs and decided to head to a motel for the night. Adam did a bit of brain thinking and found us a motel 6 that was about half hour away for a reasonable price.  So we call and tell them to hold a room and said we would be staying the night with them. We drove all the way there to find out that the cunting motel receptionist sold our room to some other shmohawk. Are you fucking kidding me miss? Ma’am, are you aware that you are a monster?
Eytan hanging on the bridge in Pittsburgh
One thing that we are getting better at on tour is taking shitty situations and turning it into a good situation. Upon initial defeat at the hands of an ug-o-mug of a motel receptionist we said fuck you and drove further down the road to a hotel 8! And if you know simple math, a motel 8 is 2 better then a motel 6. We win.
The next morning Rich conned the motel to let us sleep in and not check out at noon.  We left the room refreshed and I was feeling much better after a comfortable nights sleep and a nice hot shower. We left the motel in the afternoon only to realize that our check engine light was on.  And as an act of god, we were right across the street from a Firestone mechanic. So we parked it and got it checked out. We used our powers of positivity to take this time, instead of being bummed out about spending so much damn time and money at a stinky firestone outside of Pittsburgh and biked to the grocery store to get some BBQ for our grill. We had a monster cookout. Fat boneless chicken sandwiches, veggies and fruit.  We set up in the parking lot on a beautiful day and skateboarded around like dinks and ate good food. As soon as we finished breakfunch our vehicle was fixed and good to go. Turns out we needed to replace a valve or some such nonsense. $500 please.
Looks like NY
This left our asses fairly soar, but we headed to Cleveland anyways. We were meeting up with our metal brothers (and sister!) in the Vindicator camp. I have always had a soft spot for these guys since we played a mini tour with them a year or 2 ago and we had a legendary time. Since the last time I had seen them, they replaced 2 members. I miss the original line up, but these new guys are absolutely slammin’! Guitar superstar James J. LaRue on guitars and an awesome finger style bass player named Mike Kurtz.
Our first show with Vindicator was absolute fucking mayhem. It was at another underground punk venue that was just filthy. Only this one had an indoor skate park attached to it as well as a nice stage and wicked dance floor. An absolute gem of a venue. These punks live life on the edge. The band that played after Vindicator named Nazi Dust had one of the most destructive and fucked up shows I have seen in a long time. They brought fireworks into the building and shot them off inside as they were playing. The fireworks bounced off the walls and scattered everywhere. Then one fell over and shot one right into the audience. Fucking mayhem. At one point in the set a fan asked for a free shirt, and the singer suggested that he could have one for free if he let them pee on him. One thing led to another and 2 fellas took a big steamy piss all over him. These are my people!

Ice Creeeeeaaaammm!
The next day was our last day of the tour so we decided to have a little fun and celebrate. Our new buddy and Vindicator associate named Aleckz took care of us and took us to the K Mart to get some food and then took us to a beautiful ravine to have an enormous Fatality-Vindicator cookout. As soon as we got there we were in paradise. We set up our BBQ and started cooking burgers, dogs, steaks, chicken drumsticks and corn. We also had a few Keystone Lights. Connected to where we were cooking was a path that leads to a beautiful river for swimming. Paradise. Really what you would think Eden looked like. We were having a great time before a Cop showed up. He pulled up and started harassing us. He asked to search our shit and he came across one single Keystone can on the bench. He then threatened us with impounding our vehicle and charging each of us $1000 in fines. I played along, but I wasn’t scared of this dink. We explained to him that we are Canadian metal musicians on our last day of tour in America. Then his face lit up and he said, “My brother is in a metal band that just got signed to a major label.” And explained that he was friends with the band Mushroomhead. Then told us to stay and hang out if we wanted to and admitted that he was being a bit of an asshole. We gave him a free download card so he could go home and listen to our music. He then gave me a card as well and said one of the funniest things I have heard on the entire tour. He said “Take this and tell all your friends about the dick head cop who fucked with you at the park.” And there was his name: Officer Mike Goodrich. God bless America.
Ravine party with Aleckz

Ego on Bass in North Canton at Sadie Rene's
Next show was in North Canton. The last show of the tour. We were playing with Mortifier and Vindicator. We opened the show at around 9:45 and were having such a good time we were making patrons crack up during our sound check. We had an absolute blast. We got Andrew Ego to play bass for No Use for the Living. I didn’t even realize we did the switch until I looked over my shoulder and saw Andrew carving into the Bass guitar like a complete animal. And Skippy ran around and moshed with everyone. Such a nice way to end the trip playing a song with Andrew. I told the audience, “Andrew is a winner in the heavy metal make a wish foundation, and as you can see by his physical appearance, he has a full blown case of AIDS.” Andrew Ego has the bone structure of Mr. Burns, but I love him anyway.
Finally back in Ontario on the way home.. 6:30am
As I write this I am heading back to Toronto on an overnight drive. I have mixed feelings about going home. I think I am fairly saddened to stop the party, but maybe its time I get back to reality. Plus I miss my piano. I think I can safely say that this has without a doubt been the craziest, most unpredictable and unforgettable experience of my life. I have met some amazing people and witnessed some amazing shit in the past month. I have also seen the best and worst that life has to offer. I have experienced life in perpetual motion. I think the greatest lesson I have learned from this trip is that life can get exponentially better and exponentially worse at any moment. So don’t get too comfortable folks, and do your best to appreciate the good times, the good people and the good places, because they are the things that really make life worthwhile. The Fatality boys and I may not have all the money in the world, but we have more than most people. And I’m not talking about possessions.
Can’t wait to see my family back home!
Group shot with Vindicator and friends in North Canton on the last day :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Eastern Intoxication Days 14-16: Escape from Chin City

Count Grishnackh in front of the Chop Shop
Framingham was a bit of a trip. We were playing in an underground, illegal, all ages venue attached to a tire shop on the outskirts of town. Just the kind of shitty hole in the wall I like. Writing on the walls, garbage bags everywhere, littered with crushed beer cans, and probably blood, puke and semen on every surface. It kind of reminded me of the Fatality animal house where we recorded our first album. I’ve always resonated better in a place like this rather than a classy nightclub. I feel like I don’t belong in nice establishments. Nor do I particularly want to. If the club has a dress code, you can usually find me next-door drinking whisky with some real humans with real thoughts and problems.

Eytan at the merch table
The show was opened by some younger bands. They were real nice fellas. The local band Crypter were fantastic, and really bright, smart young men. As long as they keep pushing, they will make a name for themselves. After Crypter we got the pleasure of seeing Skull Hammer crush for the last time of the tour. I really love these guys. They have an honest working class feel that I can really appreciate. We look forward to seeing them again when they come to Toronto next month.

Razormaze rockin' a stellar set at the Chop Shop
Our set was great. We started in grungy punk venues and it is kind of imbedded into our DNA. One of the notable parts of the set was a super drunk kid. He was probably 17 years old and hammered to the gills. He was also rabid like an animal. Throughout the set he was like a Tasmanian devil, thrashing around and leaving a trail of destruction everywhere he went.  Within the first 5 seconds someone got pushed into my mic stand as I was singing and slammed me in the face and gave me a fat upper lip.  It rocked me good, man, I was seeing stars. Everyone was sloshed and rocking out, but this one kid in particular. He was just an animal. Every 15 seconds he lost his balance and ate shit right into a pile of garbage or the concrete floor. Several times he fell on the stage area completely fucking up our gear. I told him that I understand where he was coming from, being a young fuck up myself when I was his age, but didn’t like that he kept falling onto our gear and breaking our mic stands. In the end Andrew Ego had to escort him out of the venue.

Razormaze were fucking powerful. They were funky and groovy but also cutthroat heavy.  It was actually pretty inspiring and made me look forward to crushing another crowd in Brooklyn.

Alex from Razormaze and Glen from Skull Hammer
Bill pouring us some shots of whiskey
Brooklyn was crazy, son. Pretty cool place to hang. Super sketchy though. We were playing at a club called the Acheron. We showed up at around 4. 2 hours before load in. So we went to the pub, the Anchored Inn, beside the club, which is owned by the same guy as the Acheron. His name was Bill and he was bartending. I was feeling pretty parched so I asked for a beer. He let me know that they had a special of a beer and shot of whisky for 5 bucks. The price is right so I got him to rack up a few for me and the boys. He gave us a shot called called a “pickle back”. Which is a shot of whisky chased by a shot of homemade pickle juice. Sounds revolting, but it was delicious. The 2 strong tastes really complement each other. Bill gave us a ton of free booze as we waited for the venue next door to open. We were playing with a wicked heavy metal band called Bröhammer. Nice dudes and really talented musicians. They played a ton of Dio covers and got the room nice and hot for us. After their crushing set, we went up on stage and set up our equipment.  As we were finishing up setting up, a goth dude with a black tie and goofy fuckin’ hair came up to us and told us that they were going to go up instead of us. What the fuck? Why? They told us that the show was running late and they were supposed to go on by now. This didn’t make sense to me, because the entire show was running late, therefore we should had been on already too. They bitched and complained to the promoter until he came over and told us that they needed to go on first. Not only that, but they didn’t bring any equipment, so they would need to use our gear. I don’t know why I didn’t drop my pants and take a meaty Brooklyn pizza pie shit all over the stage right then and there. Maybe I was too relaxed from the pickle backs, but we gave them our set time. The goth band went up and stank up the joint. I’ve never seen a band clear a room so swiftly. We sat outside and watched all the patrons who would have enjoyed us leave and go home. Fantastic. The band basically farted into a microphone for 45 minutes. Yuck. After they left the stage we went up and did our thing. Not too many people were there but we played as if they were 10,000. Then a cool thing happened. The room started to fill up after we got the groove back. Very unexpected, but it turned out to be a great show, and we had a blast. I was a bit turned off by the unprofessionalism of the goth band though, god damn it.

Show flyer for Brooklyn
We stayed with a few girls named Kim and Karlynn who lived a block from the venue. We hung out and they played us some metal and country albums and we chatted into the morning. Very nice girls. The next day Kim was nice enough to give us a little foot tour of Manhattan. We came across some interesting shit. One of the things that I found extremely interesting is the demeanor of people in New York. Everyone is extremely guarded and cold. Just because they know that if they show weakness to the wrong person, they will get fucked over. There are just too many god damn humans in New York. I believe that there are equal amount of assholes anywhere you go. But if you are living in the 3rd biggest city in the world, you also have the 3rd greatest number of assholes. We had a great afternoon with Kim, hugged her goodbye and went back to the van to drive to Philadelphia. Eytan was following the GPS and it took us right into Manhattan during rush hour. Fucking gridlock. And we were running late for our gig. It took us about an hour to cross 3 lights. I was about to tear my pubes out in frustration. We said fuck it, and drove back to Brooklyn and took the bridge the fuck out of there.
Stuck in traffic in Brookyln
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches... MMMM
We called our friend Shawn from Rumpelstiltskin Grinder and let him know that we weren’t going to make it for our set. He was relaxed and let us know that he would switch the set times for us and put us on a little later. We showed up and pretty much set up and played our set. We had a half hour set prepared, but I got a little carried away with banter and beer bongs and shit like that. We even broke into the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song at some point if I remember correctly. We ended up going a bit over our set time. This left a sour taste in my mouth. I had been so angry with the goth band the night before for being so unprofessional, and here we were, showing up late and playing longer then we are supposed to. Most everything we do in Fatality is professional, but I felt that we looked like a bunch of dinks. We apologized and bought the band some shots for being such banana beak bastards. I guess it’s a lesson learned. Much respect to all the bands that played and all the people who came out. Special thanks to the boys in Rumpelstiltskin Grinder for putting on a wicked show and being such awesome dudes. We love you all.

After the show we stayed at a girl named Asia's place in North Philly. One of the shittiest neighborhoods I've seen so far on the tour. We just shot the shit with her and one of her roommates and went to sleep. I woke up, took a shower and then grabbed all my shitty laundry in a big ball and headed outside to the van through the godless savages that awaited me. As soon as I crossed the street, a sketchy looking fella started following me in his car and yelling at me. I had no intention to stop or even acknowlege this guy. But he kept honking and yelling at me requesting my attention. Finally when I reached the van, I turned around and asked him what the fuck he wanted. He said "You are dropping your laundry, moron!" I looked at the ground and noticed a trail of my socks, metal shirts and Scooby Doo boxers from Asia's place all the way to the van. As some sort of reverse honky version of Hansel and Gretels bread crum trail that lets gangsters from Philly know who to rob.

I really am a fat headed nothing.

After-party in Framingham at Dan's place

Drunk chinning yet again... fuckin' chinners

Pose with Beerses

Partying and Chinning all-together

The Labowski store in New York

Rich and a boxer statue somewhere in NY

Just before leaving our 2nd home in Framingham

Record shop in New York City

Beer bong on stage at the Acheron in Brooklyn

More record shops in New York City

Getting some fucking New York Pizza with Kim our bud!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eastern Intoxication Days 11-13: New England Debauchery

Boston Show
We crossed the boarder and drove to Framingham, MA and had to go to the airport to pick up Richard and our new road companion Andrew Ego from the Boston airport. We were very happy that our buddy Andrew was coming to America to help out and party with us for the week. Apparently they had an even more invasive and stressful time coming across. The American boarder is harder to get into than Mother Teresa’s panties. I always approach the boarder on the assumption that they are going to look into my bum. What a strange occupation that must be. The guy who looks in peoples asses to make sure they aren’t smuggling drugs or merchandise. What are the qualifications anyways? Must own Rubber glove? It is also an indication that our culture is at a steady decline.  I wonder what the strangest thing they ever found in a guys arse was. I would love to get an impossibly long length of tied together handkerchiefs that clowns pull out of there mouths and stick it up my heart shaped dumper just for them to pull it out during a cavity search… The entire time singing the circus theme with a smile. Do do Doodle do do-do do do fuckin' do.

After picking up the boys we headed to our new friend Dan Hammer’s house in Framingham, MA to get some sleep and get ready for our first American gig in Boston. We pulled up to his house and were greeted with warmth and respect. Very nice place. This Dan Hammer fella' has made a great life for himself. He owns a nice big house with all sorts of toys, giant TVs and Musical equipment. His house is basically Pee Wee's Playhouse for Alcoholics. He also lives with his wife and 3 other beautiful women who have been very sweet. The first thing I wanted to do was take a shower. At this point I had not slept or showered in 3 days and I had lost 10 pounds since I left. Once I was under the hot water I was so happy I literally thought I was going to cry. I had a good shave, and covered myself in peppermint body wash. God bless America.

Dan Hammer... Don't Maze me Bro!
After a good nap we headed to the venue for our first American show at O’Brien’s Pub in Boston. It was an all thrash show featuring Manic Repressive, Led to the Grave and Dan Hammer’s band Skull Hammer. It was a really fun night. We made a bunch of new friends. I was especially happy to meet the guys from Razormaze. They are a wicked thrash band from the Boston area that I have enjoyed for some time. They couldn’t have been nicer dudes. The singer Alex let me know that he had a keg of free 7 percent beer on ice on his driveway and encouraged us to come over and drink with them and have an after party. God bless America.  

Hanging out with Sam from Razormaze in Maine
After the show we stopped by for some cold beers. I was feeling completely wiped from our epic journey from Halifax to Boston so I wasn’t feeling too rowdy. Instead I just hung out, sipped on some ale and enjoyed the atmosphere. I was really glad to have met the Razormaze dudes. I really respect them and I am glad they turned out to be chillers like us. After the party we drove back to Dan Hammer’s for some shut-eye.

Partying after Boston show
Skull Hammer Homebrew
The next day we had a gig in Providence, Rhode Island. I pictured Providence to be a slice of Americana with white picket fences and tree swings. Instead they had crack heads and potholes. A pretty rough part of town. I’ve never met such aggressive homeless people. We were playing at a pretty neat venue called Firehouse 13, which is actually built inside an old Fire station. As soon as we hit the stage shit started going wrong. In our first song Eytan’s amp blew up. Fuckin' great. Luckily our boys in Skull hammer knew what had happened seemingly before we did and ran to their van to grab their amp and let us do the switch. After we got past that nightmare, I accidently kicked out my guitar pedal 2 or 3 times. For the entire 25-minute set we ran around like a bunch of stone-head teletoon midgets on heroin. Yuck. As uncomfortable as that set was I think it was good for me. I think it’s a good thing when life reminds you what a pathetic loser you really are. Its good for you, it keeps you in check. Any feeling that I had that I am a rock star or a consummate pro are dead as dog dirt. It was an early show so afterwards we headed back to Dan’s place and partied with some folks who were congregating at the house. I spent most of the night getting to know the Skull Hammer dudes. Solid guys, man. We were just telling stories, dirty jokes and sharing ideas. One of the best laughs came from the guitarist/singer Ace. He had an idea to benefit the prostitution industry. A prostitute with an air mattress attached to her back and a debit machine attached. A portable bordello aptly named a “Portobello”. I must have laughed at that for about a half hour. They also shared some home brewed Skull Hammer cider. It was really yummy. Everyone in the house was drinking beer bongs and having fun. God bless America.

Crowd surfing at Boston show
More partying after the Boston show w/ Razormaze
The next day was a Monday. We were playing in Portland, Maine. I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be too successful because Monday shows usually stink and it was raining. I didn’t really care for some reason. I was just in the mood to play a fucking gig. Also all of the bands were solid. Waranimal opened up the show with a vengeance. Also closing the show was Skull Hammer and Hessian. We got up at around 11 and I was feeling good. Also the room was filling up pretty well for a Monday show. As soon as we hit the first chord I was Catatonic. We played a crushing set. I just felt loose and felt myself. I also took a bit of time to exercise some banter. I love working on thoughts and ideas on stage. Although riffing can get you into trouble if you stumble or lose steam on a topic. But when it goes right it is the most pure expression imaginable. I was in heaven. Playing a good set is like surfing, catching a good wave and riding it to shore. Mission accomplished. This was my favorite set of the tour so far. All the locals were way too nice for there own good and showed me lots of love and free beer throughout the night. Damn I love Portland, Maine.

Tonight we are playing in Dan Hammers hometown Framingham in an underground BYOB venue called the Chop Shop. We are playing with Skull Hammer and our new friends in Razormaze. Shit is gonna get messy y’all! Can’t wait.

Enjoy yourselves,

Sylvester McMonkey McSpeen

More pictures from this blog coming soon!
Eytan and his twin

Ego the new road crew

Chin city chinners

Spencer didn't make it to bed..

Fatality and friends at Geno's in Portland!

Drinking local Portland brew

Portland crew

After the show in Portland... DRUNK

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eastern Intoxication Days 9 and 10: Fredric-stunned

Fatality + Sanktuary and Rob Reiner
Again we drove to Fredericton with no plans and no place to stay but still found adventure somehow. Or maybe it found us. As we pulled into Fredericton we got a call from our buddy Damon who is currently roadying for Anvil. He told us that the Anvil tour bus had broken down in Fredericton and if we were around we should come to their hotel and hang out with them. Holy shit. We have always been huge fans of Anvil so we obviously drove as fast as we could to the hotel to chill with a few metal gods. So we called our buddies in Sanktuary to come share the experience with us and pulled into the parking lot and shot the shit with Rob Reiner and Lips. Rob gave me some sound advice, he said: “Whatever you do, make sure you are having fun. In heavy metal, you can hit, or you can miss. But if you aren’t having fun and you don’t hit it then you are completely wasting your time.” I already knew that, but it felt great coming from him. Lips hung out and smoked a joint. Listen folks; don’t wait for life to happen to you. If you want to experience some exciting shit all you have to do is persue it, and it will reveal itself to you.

Fatality/Sanktuary and Damon

On the way to Fredericton
We were booked in the F Studio. A neat little venue above a pizza place in a part of town called the Tannery. It is basically a big parking lot surrounded 360 degrees by bars. We played a fun set. Not a huge crowd, but they were into it. I would much rather play in front of 50 people who are into it than 1000 people who are completely indifferent. Actually, I would rather have people hate us than be indifferent. Its kind of strange, but I think I just enjoy getting a reaction from people. I remember when I was in grade one and I got sent home for pulling my penis out in front of the class my Mother told me, “Spencer, the thing about you is that you take negative attention over no attention.” I now find it interesting that this special characteristic of mine has transcended my dong and seeped into my professional life.

Beer bong with Sanktuary in Fredericton
We made friends with the openers. We still had no idea what we were doing after the show or where we would stay. We asked them for suggestions and they let us know that Fredericton is a quiet town and there was really nothing happening on a Thursday night. As we left the venue after the show and walked out into the Tannery we realize that nothing could be farther from the truth. Every young adult in Fredericton was out at one of these connected bars. And as the bars cleared out there were drunk, fucked up young people everywhere. Scantily clad chicks stumbling all over the place. Dumb men in tight white dress shirts and too much Axe Deodorant spray trying to have sex with them. Fights breaking out. The whole 9 yards. I just sat by the van and watched the madness ensue around the vehicle as if I was at some perverse drunken African Lion Safari. Our manager Rich grabbed his video camera and his skateboard and filmed Fredericton’s youth fucking up. In all this insanity our drummer Suarez made some new friends. 2 Gorgeous women. They were really down to earth chicks and it turns out they weren’t at the bars, but they just wanted a slice of pizza and to enjoy the complete fucking chaos that was all around us.  For some reason they invited us and the Sanktuary boys over to there place to hang out. We willingly obliged. They took us to what they called “the Fredericton Ghetto”. The neighborhood looked like Edward Norton and Brad Pitts house on Paper Street from the movie Fight Club. Piece of shit neighborhood but a nice apartment. We Continued to party like complete morons with these 2 chicks and their roommate until the sun came up. Again. Adam woke me up at 11 after 2 hours of drunk sleep to let me know that we had to drive 5 hours to Halifax. Damn it! Halifax. I completely forgot. The strange thing about binge drinking is that your last thought before you go to bed is always “This was so worth it.” And your first thought when you wake up is usually “What the fuck was I thinking.”

Heeelllooooo Nova Scotia
I peeled myself off the chair I was sleeping on and headed to the tour van. Rich drove, god bless him. We headed to our old roommate Dan the Man’s house. Our buds in Sanktuary showed up shortly after. Once they made it we headed to the park down the street to play some ball hockey. I declared the hockey game the Hangover Classic. This game truly was against god’s good will. We spent the past 48 hours drinking too much, staying up too late and telling dick jokes til’ the sun came up. They beat us 5-4. I don’t wanna talk about it.

Heading to Halifax 
We headed to the venue and I picked up on pessimistic vibes from the promoter and the club staff. The Promoter came up to me and told me that down the street the 3 Inches of blood and Cancer bats tour that we saw in Moncton was playing just down the street. There were also 2 other metal shows to compete with in the city. He let us know that he didn’t think many people would show up. What a jolt of confidence that was. I guess he was just being realistic.  We had some friends come out to see us so at least we got to see some familiar faces. Halifax is a great place. It has more flavor than any city I’ve been to so far. Old rickety buildings and skinny streets. And the downtown area was built on a hill. I ate at the King of Donaires because I saw it on Trailer Park Boys. Donaires are pretty good but did a number on our stomachs. Donaires are pretty much a mix between Shwarma and Spicy Hotdog Meat. As if that isn’t dirty enough I had it in a poutine. What the fuck is my problem? A Donaire poutine is really my way of begging god to make me pee out of my bum. I guess I'm a sadist.

Driving to Boston in the Fog... 6am in NB
After saying goodbye to our friends at the show and to our new metal brothers from Sanktuary in Halifax we had our big drive of the tour. 12 hours to Boston. Yikes. We had to drive all night. This would turn out to be our 3rd night in a row without sleep. At least this time we were clean and sober to realize how fucking stupid our choices in lifestyle had been up to this point. We had to pick up our trailer that we left in Fredericton at 6 in the morning and had to load up and prepare for the boarder in the rain. It took us about 3 hours to get organized and head to our almost assured cavity searches at the boarder. We made it to the American boarder at 11 and made it through without much trouble because Adam had all of our documents in order. Right now we are on the highway in the states to Boston to play with Skull hammer. We are playing the next 4 shows with these dudes so I guess we will have another bunch of road buddies to make bad decisions with in America.

I gotta go, I feel the Donaire coming on


Rich, Spencer and Lips from Anvil

Fatality and Sanktuary at the F-Studio

Eytan and Sanktuary at F-studio