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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eastern Intoxication Days 9 and 10: Fredric-stunned

Fatality + Sanktuary and Rob Reiner
Again we drove to Fredericton with no plans and no place to stay but still found adventure somehow. Or maybe it found us. As we pulled into Fredericton we got a call from our buddy Damon who is currently roadying for Anvil. He told us that the Anvil tour bus had broken down in Fredericton and if we were around we should come to their hotel and hang out with them. Holy shit. We have always been huge fans of Anvil so we obviously drove as fast as we could to the hotel to chill with a few metal gods. So we called our buddies in Sanktuary to come share the experience with us and pulled into the parking lot and shot the shit with Rob Reiner and Lips. Rob gave me some sound advice, he said: “Whatever you do, make sure you are having fun. In heavy metal, you can hit, or you can miss. But if you aren’t having fun and you don’t hit it then you are completely wasting your time.” I already knew that, but it felt great coming from him. Lips hung out and smoked a joint. Listen folks; don’t wait for life to happen to you. If you want to experience some exciting shit all you have to do is persue it, and it will reveal itself to you.

Fatality/Sanktuary and Damon

On the way to Fredericton
We were booked in the F Studio. A neat little venue above a pizza place in a part of town called the Tannery. It is basically a big parking lot surrounded 360 degrees by bars. We played a fun set. Not a huge crowd, but they were into it. I would much rather play in front of 50 people who are into it than 1000 people who are completely indifferent. Actually, I would rather have people hate us than be indifferent. Its kind of strange, but I think I just enjoy getting a reaction from people. I remember when I was in grade one and I got sent home for pulling my penis out in front of the class my Mother told me, “Spencer, the thing about you is that you take negative attention over no attention.” I now find it interesting that this special characteristic of mine has transcended my dong and seeped into my professional life.

Beer bong with Sanktuary in Fredericton
We made friends with the openers. We still had no idea what we were doing after the show or where we would stay. We asked them for suggestions and they let us know that Fredericton is a quiet town and there was really nothing happening on a Thursday night. As we left the venue after the show and walked out into the Tannery we realize that nothing could be farther from the truth. Every young adult in Fredericton was out at one of these connected bars. And as the bars cleared out there were drunk, fucked up young people everywhere. Scantily clad chicks stumbling all over the place. Dumb men in tight white dress shirts and too much Axe Deodorant spray trying to have sex with them. Fights breaking out. The whole 9 yards. I just sat by the van and watched the madness ensue around the vehicle as if I was at some perverse drunken African Lion Safari. Our manager Rich grabbed his video camera and his skateboard and filmed Fredericton’s youth fucking up. In all this insanity our drummer Suarez made some new friends. 2 Gorgeous women. They were really down to earth chicks and it turns out they weren’t at the bars, but they just wanted a slice of pizza and to enjoy the complete fucking chaos that was all around us.  For some reason they invited us and the Sanktuary boys over to there place to hang out. We willingly obliged. They took us to what they called “the Fredericton Ghetto”. The neighborhood looked like Edward Norton and Brad Pitts house on Paper Street from the movie Fight Club. Piece of shit neighborhood but a nice apartment. We Continued to party like complete morons with these 2 chicks and their roommate until the sun came up. Again. Adam woke me up at 11 after 2 hours of drunk sleep to let me know that we had to drive 5 hours to Halifax. Damn it! Halifax. I completely forgot. The strange thing about binge drinking is that your last thought before you go to bed is always “This was so worth it.” And your first thought when you wake up is usually “What the fuck was I thinking.”

Heeelllooooo Nova Scotia
I peeled myself off the chair I was sleeping on and headed to the tour van. Rich drove, god bless him. We headed to our old roommate Dan the Man’s house. Our buds in Sanktuary showed up shortly after. Once they made it we headed to the park down the street to play some ball hockey. I declared the hockey game the Hangover Classic. This game truly was against god’s good will. We spent the past 48 hours drinking too much, staying up too late and telling dick jokes til’ the sun came up. They beat us 5-4. I don’t wanna talk about it.

Heading to Halifax 
We headed to the venue and I picked up on pessimistic vibes from the promoter and the club staff. The Promoter came up to me and told me that down the street the 3 Inches of blood and Cancer bats tour that we saw in Moncton was playing just down the street. There were also 2 other metal shows to compete with in the city. He let us know that he didn’t think many people would show up. What a jolt of confidence that was. I guess he was just being realistic.  We had some friends come out to see us so at least we got to see some familiar faces. Halifax is a great place. It has more flavor than any city I’ve been to so far. Old rickety buildings and skinny streets. And the downtown area was built on a hill. I ate at the King of Donaires because I saw it on Trailer Park Boys. Donaires are pretty good but did a number on our stomachs. Donaires are pretty much a mix between Shwarma and Spicy Hotdog Meat. As if that isn’t dirty enough I had it in a poutine. What the fuck is my problem? A Donaire poutine is really my way of begging god to make me pee out of my bum. I guess I'm a sadist.

Driving to Boston in the Fog... 6am in NB
After saying goodbye to our friends at the show and to our new metal brothers from Sanktuary in Halifax we had our big drive of the tour. 12 hours to Boston. Yikes. We had to drive all night. This would turn out to be our 3rd night in a row without sleep. At least this time we were clean and sober to realize how fucking stupid our choices in lifestyle had been up to this point. We had to pick up our trailer that we left in Fredericton at 6 in the morning and had to load up and prepare for the boarder in the rain. It took us about 3 hours to get organized and head to our almost assured cavity searches at the boarder. We made it to the American boarder at 11 and made it through without much trouble because Adam had all of our documents in order. Right now we are on the highway in the states to Boston to play with Skull hammer. We are playing the next 4 shows with these dudes so I guess we will have another bunch of road buddies to make bad decisions with in America.

I gotta go, I feel the Donaire coming on


Rich, Spencer and Lips from Anvil

Fatality and Sanktuary at the F-Studio

Eytan and Sanktuary at F-studio

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  1. I'll be posting up some photos from the Halifax show tonight! I'll leave ya a link on your facebook page as soon as their ready.