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Friday, May 13, 2011

Eastern Intoxication Days 6 and 7: East Coast Hosts

One of the only things I can say that keeps me inspired is the people I have been meeting. Heavy metal people are some of the most trusting, hard working and down to earth folks around. So far every night on the road various metal heads we have never met have taken us in and given us a place to sleep and party. For no other reason other than to help out. Initially, the only thing we have in common is our taste in music. Is that strange to anyone else? I feel like this mutual respect is somehow exclusive to metalheads.

Imagine this scenario: A man gets a knock on his door late at night and opens it. On the other side are 5 strange men. “Hey, we are passing through, can we spend the night with you?” They ask. “Now why the hell should I let you stay here?” the homeowner asks defiantly. “We are huge Jimmy Buffet fans...” squawks one of the men. “Oh fuck, me too! Why didn’t you say so you fuckin parrot heads! Come on in!”
That never happens. Ridiculous.
 - Speen

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