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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Eastern Intoxication Day One: The Dirty Shwa

Hey Folks,
Speen from Fatality here. Thought I'd check in. As I write this I am currently flying across the continent like a meteor at the speed of light directly to our nation's Capital. My head is a bit of a mess as we just spent last night rocking out to a packed house with our dear friends in Bolero at the Atria in Oshawa. I have always enjoyed playing in Oshawa because the people seem to just be looking for a good time over anything else, which is quite refreshing. I find that people from big cities seem to be a bit to concerned with there hair cuts or with downloading the newest ring-tone or whatever the fuck people do these days. But then again, who the fuck am I to say what is wrong or right: do what makes you feel good ladies and gentlemen.
Always nice to play with our friends from Bolero, and they played a crushing set last night which I whole heartedly expected. Also props to the dancing girls, the moshers and the guy who did a back flip off the fuckin stage during one of our last songs. Seeing people going to such extremes to let loose and enjoy themselves and others always keeps me inspired and looking forward to the next town.
After the show we went to the house of Rob from Bolero and we had a big gasoline fire, drank lots of beer and had a Mandolin jam. It is also times like that which make me realize how important it is to make sure you are surrounded by good people. It keeps you humble and helps you put things into perspective. I would take a night of Oshawa madness over any ringtone or designer hair cut in the world.

Keep up the good work folks,


P.S. We have released a Youtube video for your sheer enjoyment. The video is for our latest release which we are spreading across Canada and the States. This particular video is for the track T.F.E.S and mixes some of the studio footage and some live performances along with a fatal dose of crazy ass shit.


Spence, Rich, and Eytan at the Atria in Oshawa

Permanent tour merch set up

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