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Friday, May 13, 2011

Eastern Intoxication Day 8: Drunkton in Moncton

Patt from Scaredactyl's Gumby Costume
We had 2 days off after Quebec City, which was a fucking miracle because my body was starting give out on me. My voice was completely gone and I could feel my bones aching from night after night of sleeping on floors and pushing myself to the limit on stage.  Our first night off could have been a bit better organized but it all worked out in the end. On our first day off we set up camp in a Café in Quebec and the boys worked on tour bookings in the West coast and I half-hazardly scribbled some lyrics into a notebook while Suarez took a chunk out of the Legend of Zelda.  We were there for the entire day. It seemed like an eternity. When we left the café I was feeling a bit low but we decided to check out a show down the street. The band was USS and Eytan’s good friend Bill was their roadie. They are a pop band from the suburbs of Toronto. The singer Jason Parsons and Bill checked us out the night before at Bar Octobre and we made quick friends with him. They invited us to check out the band and we figured we would because we had the night off. USS was a mix between Pop, dub step and rock.  It was a 2-piece band: a singer/guitar player and a singer/DJ.  Not usually the kind of act I am really into but I must say: they were really good. They were goofing around the entire time and you could tell they were really enjoying themselves. Sometimes that’s all I need in a live band.  They made several Fatality jokes on stage, which I loved. One notable one was from the guitarist. “I want to start a thrash metal band called Zombie Laté just to release an album called ‘De-Coffinated.’” What a great joke. Wish I had thought of that. After the show we realized we wanted to get the fuck out of Quebec because we started to get sick of poutine and beer somehow.

We decided to drive all night to Moncton. Took us about 9 hours and into a different time zone. We had no real plan, but we knew if worse came to worse we could just get some breakfast and snooze the afternoon away in the van. We called the opening band from our Moncton show. Scaredactyl was their name. We asked the singer if there was any place we could crash. And he generously invited us to sleep in his living room while he was at work.  So we got there at around 11 in the morning and limped into his apartment where his girlfriend Angel was staying and we slept all god damn day.

That night we biked to a club called the Manhattan where 3 Inches of Blood, the Cancer Bats and Black Moore were playing. The Black Moore dudes were gracious enough to put us on guest list. We caught the show and then bought a bunch of steaks, pork chops, chicken and salad and went back to Angel’s apartment to eat a feast to get our strength back.
Eytan smoking a specially coated cigarette
By this point I was itching to get back on stage. We played a fun gig at the Plan B in Moncton with Sanktuary and Scaredactyl. Tiny little bar. Perfect. Probably the drunkest set I’ve played in a long time. I feel I kept it together pretty good, and I feel we represented ourselves well.
And then the after party… Holy shit people from Moncton can party. I will admit to getting sloppier than squid pussy. I played a lot of blues guitar with some of the nice folks there. I also ran around like an over enthusiastic zilch having fun with the locals. One thing I found interesting in Moncton is that they love drugs. I got offered cocaine for purchase several times just standing outside the venue. It’s nice that everyone is looking out for me abroad. I never really got into drugs. I’m not telling people not to do em’ I just don’t think I need them. I’m already unfocused, horny and a little confused, thanks. If you think drugs enhance your experience then have at it. Just make sure that you are doing the drugs and don’t let the drugs do you, ya know? I slept on the floor way too fucking late under the dining room table like a moron.
Now we are headed to Fredericton to play some ball hockey and then play a gig. Joining us is on the next 2 Canadian dates is Sanktuary. I saw them last night and they were awesome. Good old-fashioned heavy metal. Great guys too. 2 more gigs then down to the states. Holy shit. I hope I don’t die.
I love you,

Sanktuary in Moncton at Plan B

U.S.S. in Quebec City at L'agitee

Eytan and Bill partying at the Fatality show in Quebec City

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