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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Western Annihilation Days 1-4: On the road again

Professional Trailer Load... :D

“On the road again, like a band of gypsies we go down the highway. Were the best of friends, insisting that the world keeps turning our way.” – Willie Nelson

Sault Ste Marie at the Rosie!
Well Folks, here I am continuing my never-ending quest for musical fulfillment. The urge to tour is an interesting phenomenon I have noticed. It feels like there is an itch on my soul that can only be soothed by performance. I have something to say, something to experience. I have no idea what it is; but what better way to find out then to hurl myself across the continent likes projectile vomit at a frat party? There is something inside of me that is `just dying to come out, and each night I perform I get a little bit closer. I mingle with it every single night. It almost feels like my heart has an itchy asshole, ya know? Maybe I just need some pepto.

Either way, I am still finding time to enjoy myself. I may as well, life is too short friends.

For the most part, I feel like the traveling experience is sometimes wasted on me. I love meeting new people, but I detest touristy shit. I really couldn’t give a fuck. Historical sites, gift shops, themed restaurants and culturally significant monuments can all suck my tourist dick. They are all the same. Just a safe place for boring country folk with fat ankles to take mundane photos of their softheaded kids. And you just know that they can't wait to get back home in the suburbs to email the pictures to their boring friends to contend and attest to the fact that they did indeed make a visit to “the Big Nickel” in Sudbury, or the CN Tower in Toronto. “Gee, This is a very tall building!” Yes, Stupid. It is a tall building.. Couldn’t you have just taken my word on it and stayed in Burlington?

I especially don’t want to go to a place where something vaguely interesting happened a hundred years ago. Nothing interesting has happened there since, and no thanks, I wouldn’t care to read the plaque.

Beer-BQ in the parking lot with metal brothers IMMERSED
Take me to where the fun people are please.

And this brings me to our first gig in Sudbury, Ontario. We played in a venue called the Nickel City Inn. It is one of those small town joints with a big heavy metal door with reinforced glass. The kind that makes you feel like you would need to know a secret knock just to gain entrance to the building. The show went fine and we headed to the promoters house for an after party. Apparently Beneath the Massacre stayed at this party house the weekend before and they had all gotten into all sorts of trouble. We gallivanted like a bunch of fairies well into the night with a bunch of locals and a wicked death metal band from Ottawa called Immersed. We went to sleep as winners and we immerged the next morning as losers. We had an early wake up because we were playing an afternoon show in Sault Saint Marie. We actually got to the venue a few hours early, so we set up our hockey net and the BBQ and cooked up some steaks and played sports with the dudes from Immersed. These activities also coincided with the Sault Saint Marie promoter dropping off a few 24s of beer for us to consume. I asked him why the show was so early, and he told me that there was Karaoke taking place after our set. I made a joke about it onstage later that night.

Suarez at Black Pirates in TUNDER BAAAYY, EH?
“If it is any indication as to how my musical career is going, we are going on before Karaoke. Technically we are opening for a middle aged secretaries Journey medley”

The show was a success and we had a great time. And I'm pretty sure the crowd had a blast as well. And then we were off to the next after party. Holy Shit, I think I'm starting to see a pattern here, folks. I love meeting new people and partying. I feel like I need it sometimes. Most people gain energy from being alone and unwinding. I am the opposite. I feed off of the energy and creativity of others. I guess all of this partying and excitement is doing me good after all.

This drive has had many lakes....
I was very exited to visit Thunder Bay because we had a gig and a day off. We played at an awesome venue called the Black Pirate’s Pub. It was nice to see a few of my friend’s bands tour posters on the wall. We played our set and then drove an hour and half to a town outside of Thunder Bay and stayed at Adams girlfriend’s cottage. It was just awesome. The next day we boogied all day long. We played drinking games and relaxed in the sauna. We also got it in our head that we should swim down the shore and use one of the cottages on-water trampoline for a good bounce. Just a perfect day of relaxation. And don’t get me started on the stars. All of the constellations, and even the Milky Way, Which one of the locals had suggested that it is gods ejaculate. Interesting theory. Maybe that is why good needed to rest on the 7th day.

Right now we are flying down the highway towards Winnipeg. We have a show tonight at the Park Theatre with Waster, Without Mercy and Until Dawn. Should be a blast. I’ve never been this far west before, and it should be a real treat.

Stay nasty!

-Spencer LeVon

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