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Monday, July 18, 2011

Western Annihilation Days 5-8: Fundmonton

“I’m one step ahead of the shoe shine, two steps away from the carry line, just trying to keep the customers satisfied”  - Paul Simon

Dead bugs on the front of the van
Well, the drive to Winnipeg got pretty fucked up basically immediately after I finished writing the last blog. For starters we hit a deer enroute. God, deer certainly are nature’s retard. Driving west you never know when one of these 4-legged morons will jump in front of ya and potentially ruin both of your afternoons. This deer ran right across the front of the car and got clipped by the bumper. I don’t think we killed it, at least not right away, because I saw it limping into the bushes going “shit, shit, shit!” Or at least that’s what I think he said in deer. Close call. I think he probably learned his lesson. Stupid shit head dear.

Waster from Winnipeg
We also encountered a different barn animal on the highway shortly there after. Only this one was wearing a police uniform and he pulled us over for speeding. We also found out that the information that was on our insurance was inaccurate and he gave us a nice fat fine. Maybe we're nature’s retard. I think we learned the same lesson as that damn deer: don’t mess with whitey.

We finally made it to the Park Theater in Winnipeg. One of the coolest venues I’ve played in. It is part venue, part movie theater, so you can thrash out to a band and then get some popcorn and shit. There was a really awesome feel to the room and an enormous stage. We played a power set and then hung out and watched the rest of the show and shot the shit with the other bands.

Spencer, Rich and Doug Stanhope
We got a pretty cool interview that Eytan did in the Winnipeg newspaper. It’s so strange seeing your face in a publication 2050 Kilometers from home. The article next to ours was one with one Doug Stanhope. If you don’t know who he is, he is one of the best comedic minds of our time. Sounds like giving him too much praise, but it is so true. He is an underground comic who has a sometimes dark and vulgar humor, but whatever it is, it is always hilarious and 100% on the nose. It also said that he was playing at a club down the street from where we were playing. So we packed up our shit and drove to the venue, just to see what was going on. We headed into the bar and reasoned with the bouncer. We told him that we were performing down the street and just found out about the comedy show and asked him if we could get in for free. He said it was no problem, so we ran into the building, found a seat on the pool table and enjoyed the show. Boy was he good. I got the opportunity to meet him after and we talked shit about hockey and then took a picture. Just awesome. Its not as good of a picture of my big brother with Doug Stanhope burning a miniature American flag, but its pretty cool.

Show poster for Saskatoon... he he
We stayed with the promoter. Nice house. And the kind of shower that doesn’t just throw water at you, but just punches you with it. Best shower in North America, bar none.

Next day we drove to Saskatoon. Interesting place. We played with an extremely talented death metal band called Without Mercy for the second time at this show. We also met up with our friends in Untimely Demise who are an awesome thrash band from the area. I am listening to their record right now. Great guys too. The main thing I remember about this show is what happened at the end of the night. Usually we can find a friend to stay with, or we can make a friend and boogie at their place. This was the first time we found ourselves in a situation that we had to do some problem solving. We literally stood in the parking lot staring at each other like a bunch of chapless nobodies. We ran through our options and decided that the best thing to do was drive to our next city, which was Edmonton. We could stay with the good folks in Mortillary. Eytan heroically drove all night long while the rest of us fought for some shuteye. We arrived in Edmonton at 9 in the morning. Got some food at a diner and headed to the Mortility house and were immediately unconscious as soon as we found a soft place to sleep.

Mortillery from Edmonton!!
A huge thank you to Alex, Miranda, Mortility, Bat'leth and Messiahlator for all of the fun. We had a great show and a great time. Edmonton is an awesome place, and the people where even cooler. A lot of the people there were rocking out and having a damn good time. We even had some crazy drunk local gals stage dancing. Just pure insanity. As we were loading up these 2 girls approached us. Both wearing silly hats and on acid. It was like something from Alice in Wonderland. Edmonton is full of strange and interesting people.

Edmonton Poster... Wicked show!
Right now we are driving through the praries on our way to Calgary. It’s true what they say about the prairies, it is just flat and boring. You can be looking out the window then decide to take a snooze, then wake up and everything looks exactly the same. You don’t even know what fucking day it is or where the hell you are. Its great. Tonight we have an interview and a show with We Found the Body and Without Mercy. Gonna be tight ya’ll!

Till next time, fuddy duddies.

- Speen

Without Mercy:


Untimely Demise: 

Until Dawn:

Fatality in Uptown Magazine in Winnipeg

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