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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Fatality Album Launch Announcement and Fundraiser

Today is a big day.

As I sit here in Eytan and Adam’s backyard with the sun in the sky and Red Fang blasting on the stereo.. To my left I can hear the Spanish family next door screaming at eachother and eating lunch, and to my right I can hear the sounds of the rest of the band getting last-minute details ready before we start the sequence of the many huge announcements and projects that we have been painstakingly and diabolically creating for ourselves, setting up the thrash dominoes and lookin' forward to flickin' those fuckin' things and watchin' em tumble. With our collective fingers on the detonator we feel like a pack of war-ready Kim Jong Uns with slightly less baby fat.

So are ya ready for this fuckin’ plug fest? Grab yourself a bite to eat and a cold drink, I’ll wait here.

First of all, we have finished tracking our sophomore album entitled “Psychonaut,” and have the release date settled. Mark your calendars for June 28th, as we will be having a massive CD release party and tour launch at Sneaky Dee’s with Shotgun Cure and Call of the Wild. I am absolutely beaming with pride with this album. You can expect increasingly more modern, mature sounds and lyrical content, married with that signature no-holds-barred Fatality vibe and attitude that we are known for. We also have a massive tour lined up in support.

Wait, shit, rewind, did I say tour???? By golly, I did. You can also look forward to a large-scale 70-day tour of Canada and the United States in support of the best recording work we have done to date. I can’t wait to spend my summer in a metal tube on wheels with my best friends making this bizarre dream come true. Take a look at our tour dates and see if we are playing in a town near you, because we would love to see you, and have a drink, joke around and kick each other in the nuts, or whatever it is that dudes do. Having the opportunity to play all this new music in front of a new crowd every night is daunting but ultimately rewarding. It’s like the movie Groundhog Day, except we’re seeking the love of a roomful of random drunks rather than trying to fuck Andie MacDowell.

We have also filmed a professional music video with Bleeding Heart Productions for our single “Thoughts Collide”. We don’t have a release date just yet, but keep your eyes peeled for that video, because it is gonna change your fucking life.

Now, here is what you can do to get involved and be a part of this wild venture of ours. We have created an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and a sweet video that explains exactly what we are doing and how you can help. Basically, as an independent band, the main thing that we lack is proper funding. So what we are doing is creating a way for you to support us by pre-ordering the album, or pitching in a few bucks to receive really cool perks, including: merch bundles, a recording of a love song written by me, music lessons by any member of the band, and entrance to the exclusive listening party and video launch. 

So please, check out the video and contribute a few bucks to keep us on this righteous journey of ours.

I am sure that I will continue writing some blog entries on our travels, but now that I have my brother Mason LeVon on tour with us, we have decided to record a Podcast entitled “the Fatality Backseat LeVoncast” as a vehicle to chronicle our travels, tell stories, dick jokes, and recount our failures and victories. I am so happy to have this outlet because it will give the world a look into the scope of a touring metal band and the conversations, personalities, trials and tribulations that make up this very unique and entertaining scenario. You can search for it on iTunes, or check it out at and at the bottom of this post.

Get some sleep,

Spencer “the Southern Dandy” LeVon


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