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Friday, April 12, 2013

4:20 Tour Series NEXT WEEKEND

Hey everybody!
This is Spencer LeVon here with a few announcements regarding your favourite heavy metal scumbags, Fatality.
First of all I am endlessly excited to head out on our 420 concert series, which is happening NEXT WEEKEND. We will be heading to the Brass Monkey in Ottawa on the 19th of April with Old James and Eagleson for Chris Stephenson’s birthday. The next day it’s a quick jaunt over to the Piranha Bar in Montreal on the 20th to play with our friends in Protocol, with every intention of smoking the province dry and convincing ourselves that our 3rd grade French isn’t as atrocious as all the disgusted locals let on. On Sunday the 21st we will be heading to Oshawa to play a free show at the Atria, work up a strong buzz, and hopefully have the courage to call in sick to work the following day.
What a great way to spend the weekend: gallivanting like the pack of giggling boobs that we are. It has been over a year since we have been to Montreal, so we are super excited to showcase all our new material and almost definitely eat a poutine that is bigger than our heads and rub a currently-above-.500 Maple Leafs season in everyone’s face. I can see it now: “Hey, look who’s briefly hangin’ in there, eh? We’d have to collapse harder than usual to fuck it up again this year!”

This mini tour will be a celebration for us as we as we come to the final phase of the production for our upcoming sophomore album which will, mark my words, give your earholes a staggering evening of savage love making and, like a gentleman, call you a cab the following morning. We are also lining up some huge projects in the summer including extensive touring, a professional music video, and a few other things that will hopefully put this band over the top. So stay tuned for those announcements in the coming months.

To get rid of the old and make way for the new, we have decided to liquidate all our merch that is currently in stock. So take a look at our revamped merch store HERE, because not only is all of our stock at an all-time low price, but it is also all going out of print. So get it before it’s gone, folks! These are guaranteed to become collector’s items, insofar as they are definitely items, and having at least one constitutes a collection.

Also, check out the short video of me gearing up for a weekend of devastation at the top of the page!

Get some sleep folks,


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