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Monday, March 18, 2013

Recording Full-Length

This is Spencer LeVon here peck-pecking away at Adam Zlotnik's laptop like a fat girl on myspace. Right now I am just listening to a bit of jazz and relaxing in between the frantic and frenzied activities that consume the life of a modern working musician.

I don’t know what my problem is lately.  As I get older, I seem to be developing the musical taste of Elmer Fudd. My hairline isn’t far behind either. I am not entirely sure where my jazz infatuation came from, but I have a feeling it came out of necessity. All day while I am stuck in traffic, waiting in one of life’s many lines or something as simple as waiting for the brainless zero in front of me to make up his mind about what kind of pizza slice he would like to order while simultaneously maintaining a phone conversation with his girlfriend with his iPhone wedged in between his fat head and his shoulder; my inner self-important, narcissistic, selfish self rears his ugly head. While I am in full-fledged Sam Kinison mode, I hear ceaseless hammering blast beats in my mind. All I can hear is the beat of my heart pulsating like a frantic Dave Lombardo drum solo as my blood pressure soars from high to higher and I develop the anxiety of Anne Frank wearing tap-shoes.  The desire to commit crimes against humanity seems overwhelming. 

Yet somehow, jazz music seems to help me with this.  A bit of Jazz goes a long way folks. Fuck medication, fuck meditation, and fuck yoga. Pick up a Lenny Breau album and watch as your inner demons softly melt into fedora-wearing angels snapping their fingers in syncopated time.  The likelihood of living out my murder-murder-murder-suicide fantasy approaches zero.

I plan to unwind this weekend as me and the Fatality boys will be heading into the recording studio in Oak Ridges. I have always felt relaxed and comfortable in recording studios. It’s as relaxing as shitting with the home-toilet advantage.  I don’t know what it is about the recording process that I find soothing. I think it is the fact that I am blessed to be working with my best friends with a common goal in mind. Enjoying the gift of pure expression, I feel like a grinning Wile E. Coyote as he drags his cartoon detonator device behind a boulder and waits to set off the stack of dynamite that he mischievously placed along a winding desert road, in hopes of finally vaporizing that fucking bird once and for all.

You can expect an enlightened new full-length album to be released this summer as well as an extensive tour of Canada and the United States. I really can’t wait to be set loose on metal fans across this continent and do what we have been training to do all our lives. It really is a beautiful life, and the more I reflect on all of the great opportunities we are creating for ourselves the happier I become. I am generally a happy camper, as long as no one is taking more time then I deem appropriate to order a cunting slice of pizza.

Another perk that has me smiling is a 420 tour to Montreal and Ottawa to showcase some of our new material and shamelessly party like animals with all the folks we are fortunate enough to call friends that we have met on this long strange heavy metal journey.

Keep your eyes open for tour dates, release dates and plans for total world domination (in a non-Hitlery way).

Get some sleep,
I love you

Spencer LeVon

Check below for some studio footage!

Studio Update Part I

Studio Update Part II

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