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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The General Tao Diaries: Weekend Warriors

What’s going on folks? This is Spencer LeVon writing to you from the Esquire Great Eastern Chinese restaurant in beautiful North York Toronto. I just got fired from my job 15 minutes ago and I am trying to ease the pain with some general Tao chicken. Typical white guy order. I may as well have just asked the Asian gentlemen at the counter what they have that tastes the most like chicken wings. If there were a way to somehow add mayonnaise to this dish, I'm sure I would submit to a full on fit of honkey-boy ecstasy.

Getting fired is great isn’t it? Not quite as fun as quitting, mind you. Because at least then it is on your terms. But really when you get down to it, getting fired is just gods way of telling you to watch more daytime television. I might normally be tempted to contemplate my future or perhaps simply yell at myself shirtless in the mirror, rhetorically asking myself how a chinless nobody like myself managed to survive this long. But I can’t. There is just too much cool shit happening to even begin feeling bummed out for a minute.

For starters, Fatality has got an old school weekend warrior road trip lined up this weekend with gigs in Ottawa and Toronto. We kick it off on this Friday November the 2nd in our nations capital with our thrash companions Aggressor, Mastery, Criticull and our buddies from the Yukon, Sanktuary. The very next day we will be peeling our sorry asses off of whatever floor we managed to stick to, and head straight to Toronto to perform a headlining show at the Hard Luck Bar alongside Aggressor, Mastery, Lethal Voltage and our French Canadian buddies in Eternal Judgment. This is just what I need. 2 nights of screeching insanity with a pack of bands that I care deeply for.
What is better is that all of this excitement will lead us into our final portion of songwriting and the transition into the studio to record our second full-length album. Holy shit! I am completely pleased with our new material. It is a little bit more dynamic and daring, but still as razor sharp and potent as always. I really cannot wait to take these tracks into the studio and bring them to life. You can catch some of our new material at the up coming gigs this weekend!!
To celebrate my newfound free time, I have some fresh content for all ya'll. First up, here is a promo video made by our bass player Adam Zlotnik to promote our Toronto headliner gig on November 3rd. The footage used was from our last Headliner at the Hard Luck on September 1st. God damn we have a lotta fun! We also threw in an awful blowjob joke in there for good measure.

We also have a batch of photos we took a few months back with the beautiful and talented Victoria J. Polsoni featured in this blog. They turned out great, and she did a really good job. I think the only reason we didn’t release these earlier is because my hair looks like a mix between Helen hunt and “The Leader” of the Movmentarien cult from that Simpsons episode. Yuck. What was I thinking?!
Anyways, I’m going to wrap up this blog and take my chicken to go, because I am unemployed and I don’t want to miss the Power Puff girls on YTV.
Hope to see you this weekend. Lets party!
Spencer LeVon

Check out the new video HERE

                                View the rest of the photos from the photoshoot HERE


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