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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Announcing: All Ages Fatality Show at the Hard Luck Bar September 1st

For many, September is a time of stress and disappointment. This might be that it represents the “back to school” season or perhaps it represents the beginning of the transition between summer to winter. The whole thought of September might have you as cold and miserable as a sound guy.

That’s a bit of a strange analogy, but why are most sound guys so universally disgruntled? I have a feeling it is because they are just “guys” but they have always wanted to be “men”. That would be devastating, wouldn’t it? Being just a guy. Because as we all know “guy” is the moniker that we give members of society that we don’t fully respect. Take “pizza guy” for example. He is just a goddamn guy. Have you ever met a “police guy”? Didn’t think so!

However you feel about the month of September, I have 2 reasons for you to turn that frown upside down and to make the feeling a little bit more manageable. Reason #1 is that you get to break out all those dope leather jackets that have been patiently waiting in your closet all season to make you look cool while all the while you have been gallivanting like a bumbling fool with shorts on as people look on with disgust after making harsh eye contact with your awful inner thighs.

The second reason is because we are throwing a massive all ages rager at the Hard Luck Bar on September 1st. It has been a good goddamn while since we put on a big Fatality production like this because we have been habitually busy in the Laboratory (the Fatality jam space) writing the best material we have ever written. So what better way to celebrate the next chapter of the Fatality legacy then to put on a gigantic all ages Heavy Metal party to showcase all our new songs which will be recorded and released on our next album.

Helping us get the party started is Toronto doom band “Pyres” who I can only describe as Black Sabbath on acid. On next is the return of Mastery, who have just been added to the bill. These dudes have been laying low for some time and are back in stage form and will be joining us to kick some ass with their new vocalist! We also have Folk Metal party monsters Crimson Shadows playing to make sure that you have a fabulous sound track for your night of shameful binge drinking. And on right before us will be our good buddies in Unleash the Archers. Or UTA as they are also known coming all the way from Vancouver, BC!

So do yourself a favor and save the date of Saturday September 1st. Call in sick to work, TVO that awful fuckin' show that you love, drunk proof your apartment and come out to the Hard Luck and enjoy our celebration of friends and Heavy Metal Music. Look forward to the usual surprises and remember that this is an all ages show, so invite any youngins who would enjoy the experience, because there seems to be less and less opportunities for young folk to enjoy live Metal in Toronto. Also, don’t invite any “sound guys”.

Goddamn, I can’t wait.

Spencer LeVon

PS. Visit for the official Facebook event for this show and check out the official show poster below:

PPS. Brand new shirts have arrived!!! Check out the design below:
New shirts will be available for $15 and our old design will be on sale for $10

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