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Monday, October 24, 2011

Back to Weekend Tours: Announcing the November Hangover Concert Series

Hello friends,

How are you? You look great. Us Fatality mothers have a few exciting announcements regarding the next few months.

Spencer at Cafe Chaos in Montreal
But first, I would like to thank everyone who came out and hung out with us on our recent line of gigs in Montreal, St. Hyacinthe, Ottawa and Oshawa. God damn what a time!! All the gigs were smashing and successful. We got to play with some great bands, hang out with great friends and just generally be shit heads abroad. We all had some great times with Eternal Judgment, Powered by Death, Accursed Spawn, Punk Legends D.O.A., and Reanimator as well as many more great bands. A lot of booze and laughter were involved.

We have been busy beavers in our jam space (A.K.A the Laboratory) on some piping hot new material. We keep saying we are going to take a break off playing gigs to free up some time for songwriting but it’s in our nature to play. We feel at our best when we are performing and it keeps us inspired to create more heavy, groovy, dope-ass, headbangin’, ball breakin’, earth quakin’ tracks to share with all the people who have enriched our lives so much.

Poster for October 30th show
So we booked a few gigs for Halloween weekend with our friends in Untimely Demise. First off in Hamilton October 27th (THIS THURSDAY) at This Ain’t Hollywood And a second show in Toronto October 30th at the Hard Luck. I am particularly excited about this gig for several reasons. First off, the show starts off with free Tacos for all. Yep. Free tacos. Dig? Secondly, the bands are fabulous. Along with the fabulous Sask thrash outfit Untimely Demise, we are playing with War Ensemble which is a Slayer tribute band featuring members of Fatality, 3tards, Jaw and on drums is my older brother Mason LeVon. Thirdly, The night will be helped along by Eric of Ashlee Blade and his 2 acts: Ashlee Smashley, where he demolishes random assortments of objects for everyone, and his second act: Ashlee Blade's Microwave of Science, where he puts crazy shit into microwaves to our sheer amazement! This will also be the last night that the Hard Luck will be functioning out of that location and into a to be determined location downtown, so we are going to see it off in style: Staggering drunk and full of taco meat.

These gigs are merely an appetizer for the string of gigs we have in November that will be taking us all the way to Halifax!
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you..

The Fatality November Hangover Concert Series:

Nov 11: London, ON @ Richmond Tavern

Nov 17: Fredericton, NB @ F-studio

Nov 18: Saint John, NB @ Pub Down Under

Nov 19: Dartmouth, NS @ CD Heaven (All Ages)

Nov 19: Halifax, NS @ Gus's Pub

Nov 20: Moncton, NB @ Plan B

Nov 25: Toronto, ON @ Annex Wreckroom w/ the 3tards

God Damn! I am so excited to meet up with the friends we made on our first tour, but almost more excited in meeting more amazing east coast animals. We will also have some new material to break in, and what better time to sharpen these weapons than on the road to mayhem.

So I hope to see you all on our journeys! And in the words of poet and O.G gangster Ice-T: Let's Get Butt Naked and Fuck.


Video of T.F.E.S. live from Ottawa Metal Festival at Cafe Dekcuf!

Pictures from show at Cafe Chaos in Montreal October 13th: (to view them all click here)

Eytan and Suarez at Cafe Chaos in Montreal

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