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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Fatality Fall News!

Well folks. the summer is over and all we are left with is fall. A wet silent reminder of what is to come. The days of the short skirt, tank top and those wonderful black yoga pants that girls wear that are so revealing in the buttock-region you can almost visually see what she ate for last night dinner are dead as dog dirt.

Fatality enjoyed a fabulously successful summer of touring, and its all thanks to the countless good friends that extended a helping hand in the process. I am so proud to have played with most of the American and Canadian metal bands that I have loved and respected from a far, but am even more proud to now call them friends.

As the leaves change, as do our musical gears. Over the past few months we have shifted into writing mode, and I must say, we are churning out the strongest material we have ever created. This new stuff is fast, hooky and technical. Did I mention HEAVY? The culmination of these written works will be a new album in the future. At this point I think it is safe to say that the new material is such a huge step forward for us it will make our first album "Beers for the Grave" sound like the fuckin' Partridge Family.

As much fun as we are having writing new music to be shared with the world, us Fatality boys are never happy unless we are performing. It's what we do. So we thought we would book a few mini-tours to satisfy the voices in out heads that beg for more beer crushing chaos.

he dates are as follows:

October 13: Montreal @ Cafe Chaos w/ Murtenscythe and Eternal Judgment...

October 14: St Hyacinthe @ Bar Le Trash  w/ Alcoholator for Amy's B-day...

October 15: Ottawa @ Dekcuf...

October 16: Oshawa @ The Atria...
Second upcoming Mini-tour (Halloween tour)

October 27th: Hamilton, ON @ This Ain't Hollywood w/ Untimely Demise + Headliner TBA

October 28th: Book us!!
October 29th: Book us!!

October 30: Toronto @ Hard Luck w/ Untimely Demise + War Ensemble

Third upcoming mini-tour:

November 11th: London, ON @Richmond Tavern

November 12th: Hamilton, ON @ TBA

We also have a Canadian East coast tour in the works. More details to come!

If we are playing in a city near you, mark it down on your calenders, and take some time out of the rat race to enjoy some live music before the snow sets in and we are all completely fucked. What do you say?

We also have a new Merch Store coming soon with new patches and pins in all different designs

And as always please download our TFES 20011 Demo at Its free idnit!?!?!

-Spencer LeVon

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  1. I have a boner for Suarez. Give him to me. Seriously I have been stalking him since I saw him at Summer Slaughter a while back... He doesn't know this but I know where he lives and visit him often ;).