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Thursday, June 07, 2012

The FATALITY Silly Walk Video Contest

It is shocking how little time a musician actually gets to play his or her instrument. There is just so much bullshit involved. For instance, have you ever actually sat in on a recording session? Boy, it fucking sucks. It feels like everyone is either tuning, or waiting to tune. Where are the drugs? Where are the easily impressionable blondes?? I don’t care about mic placement, where is the fun? The music industry isn’t nearly as sexy as the 80’s insisted it was.
It took a while for me to realize how astonishingly important killing time is as a musician. It is a vital component of what we do. Whether it is mind bending travel time to a gig or waiting to perform, metal musicians have killing time down to a delicate science, and a band that laughs together stays together. 
To better illustrate this point we have devised a CONTEST based on our latest "weekly challenge" video. The video involves Eytan and I acting like complete assholes in public, because that is what makes us laugh and that’s what we find funny.
For this video we decided to pay tribute to Monty Python and the Ministry of Silly Walks. In this clip you can see me and Eytan going for a swift jaunt in our local Metro to purchase some late night munchies.

Now this is what we want from YOU!!!
We want to see your silly walks. That’s right. Post a video of your silliest walks on our Facebook page and the winner will receive great prizes.
The person who posts the video that we deem to be the silliest will receive:
·      Free Fatality T-shirt
·      Free CD
·      Free patch, beer cozie or 3 pins
·      2 free tickets to our next local show (if applicable)
Let's get Silly!
Visit our Facebook page at and post your video!

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  1. This is a really cool idea. When is the deadline?