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Monday, March 26, 2012

Goodbye Suarez. Hello Mason!

Hello Folks,

This is Spencer LeVon of Fatality with a big announcement regarding a recent line-up change. We have parted ways with our drummer Andrew “Comfortability Snacks” Suarez and re-hired our original drummer and my brother Mason LeVon. There is no animosity or hard feelings towards Suarez, and we still consider him to be a good friend. We wanted to thank him from the bottom of our tiny pink hearts for all his hard work and enthusiasm that made this band what it is today. We look forward to making more noise with him at some other point in the future.

That being said, we are thrilled to have my brother Mason back in the fold. Mason helped start the band around 2007 and was there to craft the blue print. He also co-wrote most of the songs on our first album “Beers from the Grave” and since re-joining has been relentlessly writing new material with us for our second full-length album. With every jam the music gets progressively heavier, faster, and more aggressive.

To celebrate Mason’s return, we filmed an instrumental video for release later this week previewing a new song entitled “Monstrous”. We are extremely excited to be sharing this new track and providing a taste of what is more to come from Fatality. It was recorded at our new jam space with ample silliness and excitement. We have included some photos taken throughout the process of creating the video for your enjoyment.

So, goodbye Suarez. Hello Mason! And thank goodness I am no longer the member in the band with the worst body.

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