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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The Alright of Spring.

As a particularly dreary Canadian winter concludes like the socially awkward party-goer who suddenly realizes at 4am that he’s overstayed his welcome, it occurs to me that we are a nation titillated by our unencumbered yearning for that ever-elusive promise of spring. The transition is horrendous at first: the snow begins to melt, revealing all of the dog turds and liquefied garbage that had been cryogenically frozen from the months before. Slowly but surely though, the days get longer, and the shorts get shorter. Spring time is electric.
Photos from the Mod Club in Toronto with Skull Fist on March 7th
 How about that moment where you optimistically opt to discard your bulky winter coat for a light, sensible leather jacket based on the favourable weather forecast. You’re at the bus stop and you reach into that breast pocket for the first time all season and what do you find? …Oh fuck yeah, brother, it’s a crumpled up 5-dollar bill and a half eaten roll of Mentos. In the moment, these items seem to have the value of a lost Picasso sketch and the missing evidence from a murder case. Thanks, universe! That is nature’s way of saying “Who loves ya, baby?"
Fatality returns to the Mod Club on April 12th opening for Destruction

As the seasons change, the fellas in Fatality and I have decided to make a few positive changes ourselves. For starters, we finally got a fuckin’ website. I haven’t been this excited since MySpace. Now, I know what you’re all thinking: “Spencer, that’s great and all, but I’m still not convinced that this whole ‘internet’ thing is going to stick around. It could be a fad!” Our bass player Adam Zlotnik would have none of this. That is why when he pitched the idea of getting a great functional website to use as a hub for all of our music, news, and social media, I said “Malarkey! Music fans interact with their favorite musicians one way and one way only, but by the telegraph, of course.” It was in that moment that Adam Zlotnik proceeded to grasp his iPhone 5 in his hand and pistol-whipped me on the head repeatedly while yelling the lyrics to “Video Killed the Radio Star”.

You can find everything Fatality at So take a look and see what you like. Everything’s on there: our tunes, videos, tour dates, photos, podcast, and even this blog! Neato!
New website:

Oh yeah, we are also doing a hometown show opening up for world-renowned thrash legends Destruction on April 12th at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club in Toronto. Joining us will be Krisiun, as well as one of my favorite metal bands in the whole wide world: Exmortus. I have blathered about them at length in previous blogs about getting to know them while we did a string of incredible shows with them across California. We hope one day for their forgiveness for us clogging their toilet with a human Mars Bars and covering their floor with sewage last summer.
So enjoy the spring and be sure to make the most of it… Make love in a garden. Plant a tree. Forgive a foe. Or just embrace the simple joy of peeing comfortably outdoors.
And lose some weight,

Spencer “Springtime for Shitler” LeVon

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