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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Western Annihilation Days 23-25: I wish they all could be California girls Part 2

Suarez and Richard at Pismo Beach California
Our next 2 night would prove to be interesting because we had 2 gigs that were booked by the Pyrate Punks. The pyrate punks are an interesting group. They are more or less a coalition that put on good shows for touring bands. I understand it is a non-profit thing, they are just a bunch of crews all along the west coast that continuously work at improving their music scene.
We played a venue called the Metaphor Cafe. It was a cool spot. There was a ton of circle pitting and good times all around. I was especially happy to meet Xpulsion, who are a group of local kids who are super young but very talented. I related to them because they reminded me of the Fatality boys when we were that age. How exciting everything was transferring into the adult world of downtown nightlife.
Pismo Beach, California
That night we stayed with a friend of the promoter. His buddy was hesitant to offer because he said his place is an absolute shitfest. He said that his place sometimes creeps people out because of some things that he likes to collect. I could see that as soon as I entered the apartment. He had a 100 year old coffin and a crazy cicle leaned up right next to the door. As he was showing us places to sleep he pointed to a mattress that was leaning against the wall. then he said "There isn't as much blood and vomit on the other side." Apparently, that floor was where the "goth kid" used to live. and he used to mutilate himself in bed onto religious paintings. So there I slept, In goth blood. and to my horror, hung up on the walls above me was a picture of the virgin mary covered in human blood.
Just 2 wild and crazy guys
Last night we played a Monday night with the San Diego chapter of the Pyrate punks. It was another show that got a bit out of hand. The first indication that shit was out of control is that the headlining band got kicked out of the venue for being too rowdy. There was also a fight. We took the extra time to play 2 sets. First one was original and the second one was all covers.
That night we went to a Pyrate Punk named Sids place and had a few laughs. I slept next to one of those old school projectors that they had in grade 7. You know the one where the teacher would replace the translucent sheets by hand? Me and Eytan shared a Queen sized bed. In the morning I had an unbelievable urge to drape my genitalia over the lens and wake Eytan up with a perverse Bat-Call on the wall next to him.
Sleep tight,
Spencer LeVon
Crazy bee hive on Mario Exmortus's front door
Clamming is Illegal.
L.A suckers!
Outside the world famous Rainbow Bar
Adam and his beautiful girlfriend April
Dumb Eytan
A group shot with our buddy Ellero
I've got crabs
Havin a burger party

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